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Gem & Filigree Dome Ring

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An ornate detail for any ensemble! This ring hosts a domed top with a gemstone center cabochon. Elaborate beading, texture and filigree will surely elevate this elegant piece to be your first choice before heading out.

You will experience a very unique, traditional jewelry making technique that involves a glowing metal texturing under the braided gallery dome of this ring. A heritage from Byzantine goldsmiths, this detailed technique has been refined by Ottoman and Turkish jewelers over generations. The surface under the cabochon set dome is textured with diamond cuts and creates a glowing backdrop to the braided metalwork and the gemstone.

You will enjoy the smoothness and alluring look of the metal braids surrounding this ring from dome to shank. A style that will bring perfection, vintage and gold presence to your fingers, this ring has layers of precious metal including Palladium, 22k Gold and 18k Gold over bronze.

Your choice of gemstone options are spotless genuine Turquoise, passionate Mediterranean red Coral, and classic Black Onyx that will complement any outfit.

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