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Turkish Coin Gemstone Bracelet

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This style is influenced by the traditional village weddings in Turkey. Ottoman-inspired coin charms dangle from your wrist, adorned by your choice of gemstone beads. Choose one from a wide assortment of colorful gemstones, or collect them all for a fun and festive style all your own!

Joy and excitement of Turkish village weddings come around your wrist as a statement coin bracelet adorned with vibrant gemstones. The choices are


  • Lapis, known as the stone of heavens
  • Amethyst, deep rich royal purple
  • Carnelian, warm and elegant red hue
  • Green Agate, saturated emerald green - color of prosperity and health  
This stand-out bracelet will effortlessly add an exotic flair to your outfit. The luster of 18k gold radiates beauty gathered from travels to ethnic locations. A sure conversation starter. The surprising presence of over 60ct. of colorful gems, surrounding rare Ottoman empire coins will redefine every outfit.


This 7 1/2 in. long, Palladium, 22k and 18k gold enfolded bracelet comes with our exclusive T clasp and artisan end-caps finely crafted with complete back gallery. Enjoy opulence of gold  and excitement of striking gems around your wrist with this statement bracelet. 

Here is a review from one of our customers.
"It is so beautiful and well made The design is so unique. It fits just right on my small wrist. I feel lucky to have this and I wish I could buy all the colors. I will wear it with care because it is a treasure that I want to have for a long time." Offie, TX

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