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18 x 14mm Hematite Filigree Pendant - w/30 inch chain

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An exotic looking old world treasure! This pendant hosts an 18x14mm generous oval hematite center stone in a raised prong setting. The stone is surrounded by luxurious filigree, scrollwork, beading and milgrain for a truly ornate look.

A pendant that will bring you the best from the old world in which detailed artisanship was at its peak. The artisanship of this pendant will amaze you and get compliments. This pendant comes with on 30 inch cable chain.  It has a large bail that you can also slide it into your existing favorite chains, silk, fabric or leather cords.

Hematite, is known to be a stone of stability, grounding and calming. The Egyptians used hematite to calm anxiety. The famous Greek physician/philosopher, Aelius Galenus used it to treat eye infections and as a cure for headaches. In Roman times it was believed that it had protective strength and Roman soldiers  were rubbing Hematite all over their bodies.

 Our unique 18k buttery Turkish gold finish that has mutliple layers of precious metals, such as palladium, 22k gold and 18k gold over bronze is cherished by our customers who love luster of gold.  


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